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What to Look for in a Grinder for Concrete
What to Look for in a Grinder for Concrete - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

What to Look for in a Grinder for Concrete

Concrete floors are an excellent choice for their durability and uniformity, but they are subject to wear and tear like all surfaces. In an industrial setting, these floors might need a little more than a daily cleaning after years of use. Enter the concrete grinder!

Among the conditions afflicting concrete floors, Building Service Contractors (BSCs) might come up against things like:

  • Uneven, chipped, or worn clear coats, paint, or epoxy sealing
  • Glue or other adhesives left over from the application of tile or other additions
  • Stains from all manner of substances used in day-to-day operations of the space
  • Bumpy or uneven surfaces that need leveling

In all of these cases, a grinder for concrete is the best machine you can use. Using a combination grinder/polisher, your team can make quick work of large concrete areas that would take much more time using a floor scraper or other hand tools.

Where is a Grinder for Concrete Helpful?

A concrete grinder is not just for warehouses or other heavy-use industrial zones. It can be used in several different types of spaces. Take a look at the places where these types of machines can get the job done.

1. Manufacturing

Moving heavy machinery back and forth, in addition to heavy foot traffic, will cause repeated wear on even the toughest floors. Renewing the surface with a concrete grinder can help get things moving swiftly again.

2. Food Facilities

Cleanliness is at the top of the list for food manufacturing facilities. A clean, smooth floor without divots, cracks, or sticky spots to collect unwanted materials will do wonders for productivity and safety.

3. Distribution Centers

When speed is of the utmost importance, a clear, unobstructed floor is paramount. People and vehicles must be able to move products quickly and efficiently without experiencing bumps or hiccups on floor surfaces. This way, deliveries can be made on time.

4. Healthcare

The look of a polished concrete floor denotes professionalism and cleanliness, not to mention that it’s easier to clean! When your customers want to make sure they’re getting the best care, something as simple as a shining office or waiting room floor can do wonders for their confidence.

5. Warehouses

Warehouses are one of the primary users of concrete floors. Their vast spaces need to be free of imperfections and hazards for thousands of square feet. A concrete grinder can help maintain a uniform surface in a fraction of the time traditional methods might take, and harsh chemicals are not required.

IDM Has the Machine for You

Intelligent Design Manufacturing has a robust lineup of concrete grinders that double as polishers thanks to their swappable pads and easy-to-operate design. Looking to level up your equipment? Check out the three grinders in our Mustang series.

Mustang 22

The most popular grinder in our collection, the Mustang 22 features a single-phase planetary grinder that is easily usable in open and more confined spaces. Thanks to its durable poly water tank, detachable head, and large wheels, it’s also easy to transport from place to place.

Mustang 27

The Mustang 27 is IDM’s flagship grinder and boasts a switchable single-phase/three-phase planetary grinder/polisher. With three 9-inch heads, it can clear an impressive 27-inch path, making short work of even the most extensive areas.

Mustang 20

This dual-phase planetary grinder is powerful enough for the most challenging jobs but can easily fit into tight spaces. Plus, the Mustang 20 has the same durability as its brothers.

This machine features a floating dust shroud and vacuum attachment along with the standard water tank. The benefit is that users can perform dry and wet grinding in any space without requiring additional gear.

Check out this video of the Mustang 20 in action!

Schedule a Demonstration of Our Machines

Want to hear more about the Mustang line of concrete grinders? Have questions about whether our machines will work for you? Get in touch with an IDM representative today.

We’ll gladly schedule a demonstration of our grinder for concrete and walk you through all of the benefits of owning one of these indispensable machines.



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