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When Should BSCs Use a Grinder for Concrete Surfaces?
When Should BSCs Use a Grinder for Concrete Surfaces? - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

When Should BSCs Use a Grinder for Concrete Surfaces?

It’s no secret that industrial and commercial spaces require constant cleaning. Building service contractors have their work cut out for them when it comes to making sure floors in heavy-duty areas stay clean, free of safety hazards, and durable for the long haul.

Concrete is the obvious choice for these surfaces due to its durability and strength. But even this crucial material needs more than a basic scrub from time to time.

If your team is looking for a grinder for concrete to restore surfaces to their original condition, Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) has the machines you need.


Using a floor scrubber on concrete regularly will keep it looking good and prevent undue wearing. But what about the instances when a standard clean won’t suffice to restore concrete surfaces?

Sometimes concrete flooring needs a more intense clean that can only be achieved through heavy-duty machinery. Consider the scenarios that call for a powerful concrete grinder.


Concrete slabs are prone to settling, getting worn down, or becoming uneven over time. To maintain optimal efficiency and create a safe environment for workers, these tough surfaces sometimes need to be leveled out. A concrete grinder can expedite this process and help ensure a smooth, even floor.


Over time, various substances can build up and cause uneven spots, unaesthetic areas, or even degrade the underlying structure. Getting rid of paint, stains, oils, and other materials will help to maintain not only the look but also the integrity of your floors.

Using a grinder can remove these additives much more quickly than manual methods of scraping and sanding, leaving your cleaning team with time to spare.


Concrete is a strong base made even stronger by a smooth coating of epoxy. This rock-hard resin can withstand a fair share of drops, spills, and abrasions, but it does require regular maintenance to behave its best.

When it’s time to prepare your floor for a new coat of epoxy or fill in areas where the surface has taken a real beating, using a concrete grinder will save time and money during the surface preparation process. This step also promises a better end result.


IDM features three robust concrete grinding and polishing units in our Mustang series of machines. Ready for concrete floors in commercial and industrial spaces, these machines will be a game-changing addition to your cleaning arsenal.


The Mustang 22 packs powerful results into an easily-accessible frame with a detachable head and plastic water tank.

Whether you’re dealing with wet or dry concrete grinding, this unit shines with its single-phase planetary grinder, floating dust shroud, and three multi-function grinding heads for increased productivity. Plus, the attached durable wheels make it easy to transport to any location.


When you want the power of an industrial grinder in a highly compact form, the Mustang 20 is just the ticket. With a single-phase planetary grinder designed for use in open and confined spaces, this hard-hitting machine is operator-friendly and offers unmatched consistency.

With the included vacuum hose connection, you can ensure more efficient dust control, which makes this unit ready to use anywhere.


The most powerful grinder for concrete in the Mustang lineup, the Mustang 27 can restore even the most damaged concrete surfaces in a single treatment.

With the same operator-friendly controls as its brothers, this unit offers switchable single-phase/three-phase grinding with a selection of different heads for the perfect surface.

If your team is in charge of an industrial area or large concrete that needs a major overhaul, this is the grinder for you.


Would you like to know more about our Mustang line to support your cleaning efforts? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Our helpful team will be more than happy to schedule a consultation to tell you more about how our machines can fit naturally into your cleaning workflow.



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