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5 Tips to Maximize Floor Scrubber Battery Life
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5 Tips to Maximize Floor Scrubber Battery Life - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

5 Tips to Maximize Floor Scrubber Battery Life

It seems like everything runs on batteries these days, so why shouldn’t your commercial floor scrubber? Without sacrificing impeccable cleaning or mobility, units like those offered by Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) take floor cleaning into the future.

But what about floor scrubber battery life? How can you make sure your machines are operating at their optimal capacity? Here are a few tips on how to maintain your scrubber batteries for peak performance.


Battery-powered floor scrubbers offer significant advantages over traditional mops and corded scrubbers. Able to cover larger areas in less time, these machines offer enhanced efficiency with a need for less physical effort. The configuration boosts productivity and makes these units ideal for larger spaces and commercial settings.

Battery-powered scrubbers also provide superior cleaning results. The combination of scrubbing brushes and a powerful vacuum system ensures thorough dirt and debris removal while also leaving floors cleaner and safer. This level of clean is all but impossible to achieve with the traditional mop and bucket technique.

Most importantly, battery-powered scrubbers like those in the IDM X-Scrub line are easy to move and can reach tight corners and difficult-to-access areas. Without a cord to tie them down, operators are able to go further and clean with more freedom.

The absence of cords also enhances safety by reducing trip hazards and making them suitable for busy environments.


Taking the time to look after your batteries can help maintain an optimal charge, peak efficiency, and long-lasting service from your cordless floor scrubber. These five tips will help make sure you’re getting the most out of your machines.


Proper charging is one of the best things you can do to maximize the working life of floor cleaning equipment. It’s inadvisable to leave a partially-charged battery on your scrubber, so plug it into your charger after every use. Starting with a full charge every time can help with battery longevity and give you a longer cleaning cycle.


It’s always best to check your battery connections to make sure everything is tight and secure. Loose contacts can cause accidents or malfunctions, so take the time to really lock in the battery before each use. Tighten connections and inspect cables to ensure consistent power.

On top of this, humid or wet conditions can sometimes cause corrosion to form around battery contacts. If you notice your contacts beginning to lose their sheen or see some build-up forming, carefully clean away the corrosion and make sure to check that your unit is operating at full power.


If your machine is going to sit idle for an extended period, it’s best to detach the battery and leave it on the charging station. Leaving a battery connected to an idle machine can drain the power and leave you with a partial or dead battery upon restart.

If you plan to keep the batteries in storage for a very long time, be sure to regularly charge and discharge the batteries to prevent capacity loss. Without regular use, the batteries may lose their ability to hold a full charge, so proper maintenance can help in a big way.


Where you store your batteries can make a big difference in their long-term performance. Keeping them in a cool dry area (especially when charging) can help to maintain the optimal power levels throughout the life of the battery.

For example, wet conditions will cause corrosion, rust, or other conditions that can prevent your battery from functioning properly. Likewise, charging your battery in a space where temperatures are too high or too low can lead to the unit overheating or failing altogether.


To minimize start-and-stop operations, plan efficient cleaning routes to cover larger areas in one session. Reducing brush pressure and machine speed when possible can help to reduce energy consumption and strain on the batteries.


IDM offers a wide selection of floor cleaning machines that fit many types of cleaning situations. All units in the X-Scrub line feature long-lasting batteries, allowing you to ditch the mop and cut the cord using our fully charged machines.

  • X-Scrub – The X-Scrub Mini and X-Scrub Pro both offer best-in-class 36-volt batteries with a 90-minute (Mini) and 60-minute (Pro) run time. Plus, every IDM scrubber comes with a one-year warranty on the battery alone.
  • X-Scrub Max – For maximum power and an incredible 4.5-hour runtime, the X-Scrub Max 20 is the obvious choice. Thanks to its 20-inch cleaning path and 15-gallon solution and recovery tanks, this self-propelled walk-behind scrubber can make short work of any and all messes on a variety of hard surfaces.
  • X-Scrub Rider – If your operations team is regularly cleaning large areas in commercial or industrial spaces, then the X-Scrub Rider line is just the ticket. Available in 28, 32, or 36-inch cleaning path configurations, these battery-operated machines get the job done right the first time and save your team physical exertion.


Want to know more about the efficiency and quality of our battery-powered scrubbers? Get in touch with the IDM team to learn more about the floor scrubber battery life for each of our machines and how to support battery maintenance.

We would be more than happy to walk you through each unit and its features. Better yet, schedule a demonstration to see these machines in action.



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