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A Commercial Tile Floor Cleaner Machine for Your Crew
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A Commercial Tile Floor Cleaner Machine for Your Crew

A Commercial Tile Floor Cleaner Machine for Your Crew

A commercial tile floor cleaner machine can be a game changer for your cleaning crew. However, not all tile and grout cleaning machines are created equal. To breeze through your cleaning jobs and leave a spotless floor in your wake, you need a floor scrubber from Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM).

Our line of auto floor scrubbers can take numerous hard floor surfaces. Additionally, they are easy to use and even easier to maintain. Let’s dive deep into why IDM’s floor cleaner machines stand out as the go-to solution for your cleaning crew. 

The Grime Fighting Champions: IDM Tile Cleaning Machines

IDM’s line of commercial tile floor cleaner machines are not your average scrubbers. They are the best tool for tackling tough dirt, grime, and grease. With state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly controls, and rugged construction, IDM scrubbers are designed to handle the dirtiest jobs with ease.

Whether you need to care for your own facility or are a building service contractor (BSC) responsible for cleaning multiple facilities, we have options. Before we reveal our winning lineup, let’s explore what makes our scrubbers the best tool for commercial floor cleaning. 

Intelligent Design for an Unmatched Clean

At IDM, we live up to our name. Every auto floor scrubber was crafted using intelligent design principles. Our team takes a common sense approach to creating user-friendly devices. We use top-of-the-line materials and include robust functionality so your crew can get rid of any stain or buildup.

Building service contractors love IDM machines for the following reasons.

Built Tough

IDM knows that our machines will be put through the wringer day in and day out. Our machines are constructed with high-grade materials that can hold up no matter what you throw at them. Whether it’s a high-traffic area in a manufacturing facility or a worn-down warehouse surface, IDM machines are up for the challenge.

Easy to Operate

Every IDM machine has a simple user interface. In minutes, your crew can familiarize themselves with an IDM machine and start cleaning. Our control panels have large buttons and switches that are easily manipulated with gloved hands. Our machines also feature imagery that illustrates what each button does. 

Even Easier to Maintain

IDM understands the importance of easy maintenance. Our machines are designed to make upkeep simple. Swapping brush heads, emptying capture tanks, and other maintenance tasks are a breeze.


Your clients count on you to get their floors clean in a flash. With an IDM machine, you can quickly tackle even the largest floor cleaning jobs.

Our water recovery systems further boost efficiency by vacuuming up excess water. This means your clients will enjoy reduced drying time.


IDM machines aren’t just for tile. Each machine is built for multi-surface needs, so you can use the machine to clean epoxy, tile, LVT, and more. Select models, like the X-Scrub Pro, can even be used for resurfacing.

IDM offers several pad options for each model. From daily-use pads to aggressive scrub brushes, we give you the tools to tackle virtually any mess.

Why IDM Scrubbers Make the Cut for Your Crew

Learn even more about the benefits of IDM scrubbers. With our scrubbers, you and your crew will enjoy the following advantages.

Professional-Grade Cleaning Performance

Your clients expect the best, and with IDM, you can deliver a cleaning experience that exceeds expectations.

Our machines leave floors spotless so you can wow your customers. They also help extend the life of tile and grout, saving your clients in the long run. 

Every IDM machine is designed for optimal cleaning solution distribution. They dispense precisely the right amount of cleaning solution and then vacuum it up to reduce drying time. 

With every pass, our machines dispense fresh cleaning solutions. This ensures that they don’t just push dirt around. Instead, they leave a sanitary cleaning path, getting rid of dirt, grime, and debris.

A Green Choice

IDM auto scrubbers are built with the environment in mind. They use water and cleaning solutions economically, helping reduce waste. Using IDM machines will reflect your company’s commitment to a greener, cleaner future.

Reducing solution waste is only one of the green benefits of IDM scrubbers. Our machines also feature reusable cleaning brushes. They last far longer than traditional cleaning tools, meaning you can produce less material waste.

Less Elbow Grease

Manual cleaning tools can be exhausting to use. Over time, old-school cleaning methods can lead to burnout and fatigue. The result is a lower-quality experience for your clients and reduced crew morale.

IDM scrubbers are user-friendly and powerful. They do the work while your crew simply guides them across the floor. Cleaning commercial floors shouldn’t be hard. With IDM, it’s a breeze. 


When it comes to your bottom line, IDM scrubbers deliver value. Their durability means less downtime for repairs and their efficiency drives down labor costs. This means you can take more jobs, clean faster, and get more done.

The savings don’t stop there. IDM machines decrease cleaning solution waste, offering additional savings. Our brushes are reusable, too, so you won’t have to spend hundreds on mop heads or one-time-use pads.


IDM is constantly looking for ways to improve our equipment. From releasing new brush heads and pads to launching innovative models, we are committed to giving you a cleaning edge. 

But you won’t have to wait until we release our next model to get innovative equipment. Our current lineup includes some of the most dynamic tile-cleaning machines on the market.

IDM’s Top Models for Commercial Tile Cleaning

Intelligent Design Manufacturing has several walk-behind models, as well as an ever-growing lineup of ride-on scrubbers. Our top models include the following products.

X-Scrub Pro

Want a do-it-all machine in a compact footprint? Look no further than the X-Scrub Pro. 

The X-Scrub Pro works on all hard surfaces and can accommodate several different types of brush heads. The X-Scrub Pro, like our other floor scrubbers, is battery-powered. That’s right, no more fighting with hundreds of feet of extension cords. Simply turn it on and start cleaning. 

As our most compact scrubber, the X-Scrub Pro is good for all sorts of industrial surfaces. Clients use this scrubber in schools, restaurants, warehouses, and more. But don’t let its size fool you. This is one of our most powerful scrubbers.

The mighty X-Scrub Pro can clean epoxy, tile and grout, LVT, and more. Need to resurface concrete? Use the X-Scrub Pro. Want to gently clean new tiles? Pop on some daily cleaning pads and get to work with confidence.

X-Scrub Max 20

The X-Scrub Max 20 is our most robust walk-behind floor scrubber. This machine is fast, user-friendly, and powerful. It offers hours of run time on a single charge and can take on any size job.

From tile to epoxy and LVT, the Max 20 has your cleaning needs covered. Like our other models, it can accommodate multiple cleaning pads, so you can use the ideal tool for every job. 

Looking for something a bit more economical? The X-Scrub 20 also offers a 20″ cleaning path. It has all the bells and whistles of the Max 20, minus the traction drive. The X-Scrub 20 is ideal for building service contractors, K-12 cleaning crews, and other commercial uses. 

X-Scrub Rider 20

Your cleaning crew undoubtedly racks up some mileage as they progress through each job. Why not give them a chance to get off their feet with a ride-on scrubber? 

The X-Scrub Rider 20 is IDM’s most compact rider yet. Designed for small to mid-sized spaces, this machine has a 20″ cleaning path. It is small enough to fit through standard 36″ door openings and can easily enter classrooms, hallways, offices, and other small areas.

The Rider 20 has user-friendly controls that your crew can learn in minutes. It offers hours of run time and has swappable pads. Plus, the large-capacity tank can help you complete just about any job. 

X-Scrub Rider 28

Need something larger than the Rider 20? Check out our Rider 28 and 28 lite machines. 

The X-Scrub Rider 28 lite is a budget-friendly but robust ride-on scrubber. It can fit through a 36″ door opening and has a 28″ cleaning path.

The Rider 28 also has a 28″ cleaning path and all the capabilities of its lighter counterpart. It also has larger solution and collection tanks, as well as more powerful batteries. 

X-Scrub Rider 32

The X-Scrub Rider 32 has a 32″ cleaning path and huge recovery and solution tanks. It has simple controls, powerful batteries, and an intuitive design. 

The Rider 32 is designed for mid to large-sized spaces, making it a great option for schools, universities, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

X-Scrub Rider 36

The X-Scrub Rider 36 is our largest floor scrubber. It offers plenty of run time to get you through an entire day of cleaning jobs. The massive solution and recovery tanks ensure your crew can get through a whole building without having to empty tanks. 

When you need to clean a huge space, the Rider 36 is the best choice. Like all our machines, it boasts a user-friendly design and simple maintenance. 

Commercial Tile Floor Cleaner Machine: Clean Better With IDM

IDM’s commercial tile floor cleaner machines take the hassle out of cleaning tile and grout. Our tile and grout cleaning machines will boost efficiency and maximize your productivity. The only question is, which machine is right for you?

IDM has an auto floor scrubber for just about any situation. Whether you need a compact, powerful machine or a large ride-on unit, we have you covered.

To find your ideal IDM machine, book a demo with our team. We will gladly review the available cleaning options so that you find the best machine for your crew.



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