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A Ride-on Floor Scrubber for Every Type of Cleaning Job
A woman rides a ride-on X-Scrub floor scrubber—a product manufactured by Intelligent Design Manufacturing.

A Ride-on Floor Scrubber for Every Type of Cleaning Job

Cleaning expansive floors and hallways on a regular basis will wear down any cleaning crew. If the old mop and bucket technique is causing inefficiencies and creating less-than-ideal results, you need a ride-on floor scrubber!

The new X-Scrub Rider line of scrubbers from Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) combines power and usability into three sleek machines that will leave your floors sparkling and sanitary. And you’ll benefit from more productive cleaning crews that can handle any type of cleaning job assigned to them.

What Are the Benefits of a Ride-on Floor Scrubber?

For too long, cleaning crews have relied on manual cleaning methods that lack the precision and perfection of newer technologies. Not only does the mop and bucket method require significant physical exertion, it also fails to adequately clean areas that need top-tier sanitation.

The murky water spreads dirt over large areas, takes forever to dry, and can easily tire out even the most robust worker when faced with a vast floor area to clean.

A riding scrubber fixes all of these problems. Easy to use for long periods of time and offering outstanding results, the choice is clear. Replace the mop with a ride-on scrubber.

Your cleaning crew will be able to cover more ground with a mobile floor scrubbing option. When using this machine, the operator can rest their legs while clearing a larger area more quickly. The built-in functionality helps cut down on worker fatigue and provides unmatched results.

When deciding where to source a ride-on floor scrubber, IDM has you covered. Find out why our product line is the right choice for your crew.

The New X-Scrub Rider Series from IDM

IDM is proud to introduce our newest line of innovative cleaning machines, the X-Scrub Rider series! Each ride-on scrubber from IDM automatically puts water down, scrubs the surface, and then vacuums the water back up before passing over the area with a squeegee.

Steering the machine from up top, the operator won’t leave footprints on the clean floor, and the risk of slipping on a wet surface is completely eliminated. Also, each scrubber is equipped with high-quality brushes, pad holders, and a squeegee attachment that will leave your floors clean and refreshed.

Need to change out brushes for a polishing pad? It’s easy to make the switch. The magnetic attachments are easy to work with quickly and effectively. Plus, all our riding scrubbers are battery-operated, so you’ll never have to worry about running over a cord.

In addition, each X-Scrub Rider unit comes with extensive warranties:

  • 1 year for the battery
  • 3 years for the parts
  • 10 years for the rotationally molded tanks

We stand behind our rider floor scrubber products. We are certain you and your team will enjoy the benefits our cleaners provide.

With three different models to choose from, you’re sure to find a unit that fits your needs.

X-Scrub Rider 28

The most compact of IDM’s riding scrubbers, the X-Scrub Rider 28 is designed for medium-sized spaces where a compact profile is key.

While it’s bigger than your typical walk-behind scrubber, this unit easily fits through a 36” door frame, elevators, and hallways. And, with a one-touch button that controls all of its functions, there’s no simpler way to get things done quickly.

- Take a look at this video to see our scrubber in action.

X-Scrub Rider 32

The mid-size X-Scrub Rider 32 is perfect for commercial spaces or light industrial use. Whether you’re working in a warehouse, manufacturing space, or a school, the 32” cleaning path will cut your cleaning time down drastically when compared to a traditional mop.

The robust recovery tank has the capacity your crew needs to clean more without stopping – whether dealing with concrete, epoxy, tile, or vinyl flooring.

X-Scrub Rider 36

The largest riding scrubber that IDM offers, the X-Scrub Rider 36 boasts a massive 54-gallon tank and a 36” cleaning path.

With its multi-language ability via an easy-to-use function knob, this powerful mop replacement is perfect for clients who deal with large warehouses, heavy commercial and industrial spaces, or the long hallways of airports and large universities.

See a Ride-on Floor Scrubber in action

Ready to learn more about our lineup of ride-on floor scrubbers? Would you like to see one of our units in action? Schedule a demonstration today!

Our helpful customer service team will be happy to walk you through all the perks of adding one of these new machines to your cleaning arsenal. It’s time to reduce effort, increase productivity, and keep your cleaning crew running strong.



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