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Concrete Grinding Machine Manufacturers: What Separates IDM?
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Concrete Grinding Machine Manufacturers: What Separates IDM? - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Concrete Grinding Machine Manufacturers: What Separates IDM?

If you are a building services contractor (BSC) who serves industrial clients, floor grinding machines are a staple in your cleaning toolkit.

However, as you are surely well aware, not all concrete grinding machine manufacturers and their equipment are created equal. To deliver for your clients and make your surface preparation methods easier, you need to find a respected floor grinder provider.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) is a leading manufacturer thanks to the creative, high-quality, and low-price machines we provide. To upgrade your concrete resurfacing capabilities, learn why you should consider making IDM your preferred supplier.


Business service contractors consistently choose IDM because of what we offer. Consider the following advantages of making the switch.


Large and bulky machines are great for grinding concrete in large open areas, but they are not suitable for getting into tight spaces. On the other hand, machines that are too small and compact struggle to handle larger cleaning jobs.

IDM did thorough research when designing our floor grinders to meet the needs of our clients. We created a movable structure that allows our machines to tackle both wide spaces and tight corners. You can complete your big jobs efficiently while reducing the need for extra grinders. 


Each machine is versatile and dynamic, but we understand that everyone’s needs are unique. With that in mind, we offer three great floor grinding machines:

The number of each model is the width of their grinding path. With our largest model’s 27” cleaning path, you will have that big resurfacing job finished in no time. The cleaning paths provided by the Mustang 20 and 22 are great for more compact spaces and resurfacing applications.


Our products are built to last, and each machine features a low-maintenance design that lowers your total cost of ownership.

If you should ever encounter a problem with an IDM machine, we are just a phone call or email away. Our expert support staff can assist with troubleshooting and provide practical maintenance tips for your machine. They can also assist in providing replacement parts like new grinding heads.

Our machines feature standard head sizes, meaning they can work with many different brands. Still, we suggest real IDM heads for the best performance and durability.


At IDM, we work hard to distinguish ourselves from other concrete grinding machine manufacturers by providing great equipment at even better prices. Each machine can be priced to fit your company’s cleaning budget.

We invite you to connect with our sales team to learn more about pricing on our concrete floor grinders. Just give us a call and let us know more about your concrete resurfacing needs. We will be happy to find a solution that works for you.


IDM is reshaping commercial cleaning with our line of inventive equipment. In addition to concrete grinders, we provide a wide range of floor cleaning and resurfacing solutions designed to help serve virtually any client.

Our flagship line is the X-Scrub floor scrubbers, which currently includes these seven models:

  • X-Scrub Mini
  • X-Scrub Pro
  • X-Scrub Max 20
  • X-Scrub 20
  • X-Scrub Rider 28
  • X-Scrub Rider 32
  • X-Scrub Rider 36

The X-Scrub Mini is our most compact option, providing an 11” cleaning path and top reliability. To clean larger areas, the X-Scrub Pro is one of our most popular options because it packs so much power in a compact form.

With the Pro, you can perform routine cleaning, take on tough messes, or resurface concrete floors. Its resurfacing abilities make it the perfect pairing with our concrete grinding machines. After you level out the concrete with the Mustang, break out the X-Scrub Pro and prep the floor for a fresh coat of epoxy. 

In addition to the X-Scrub line, IDM also offers concrete grinding heads, like we mentioned above, as well as commercial wet/dry vacuums and an upright HEPA filter vacuum. No matter what you need to clean facilities, IDM has you covered. 


Now that you know more about what separates IDM from the competition, let’s dive a little deeper into our concrete grinders, which include the following machines.


The Mustang 20 is tough, compact, and built for hard-to-reach areas. It is a single-phase planetary grinder with a user-friendly design. It has an adjustable iron weight, compact control panel, and adjustable handlebar. It also includes three multi-function grinding heads, a floating dust shroud, and a built-in water tank for wet grinding. 

The Mustang 20 can handle several hard surfaces, such as stone terrazzo, polishable stone, and concrete.

In addition, thanks to its three different grinding heads, the Mustang 20 can be used to polish or resurface concrete floors and remove coatings from old surfaces. It also includes a vacuum hose connection to foster better dust control.

Finally, the Mustang 20 is easy to store and transport, reducing effort and wasted time. It has a removable head to save space, and its large wheels let you easily move across any uneven surfaces.


The Mustang 22 is a scaled-up version of the Mustang 20. It includes many of the same performance and convenience features, including:

  • An adjustable handlebar and iron weight
  • A built-in water tank for wet grinding
  • Three 9” planetary grinding heads
  • A durable design
  • A 2” vacuum hose connection
  • A user-friendly control panel

Like the Mustang 20, the Mustang 22 can be used on polishable stone, concrete, or terrazzo, which makes it a good all-around concrete grinder. It is able to fit into tight spaces but also large enough to take on more major projects. 


The Mustang 27 is the most powerful polisher and concrete grinder we offer. It can restore damaged, run-down concrete in a single treatment. As such, it is a great choice for single-phase and three-phase applications.

Its control panel features a USB port for easy charging, as well as several other user-friendly features like an adjustable iron weight and handlebar. 

The 220V grinder and polisher can handle:

  • Polishable stone
  • Terrazzo
  • Concrete

With its unmatched power, the Mustang 27 is a great choice for virtually any industrial setting. From manufacturing facilities to chemical plants, it has the power to get the job done.

Like its more compact counterparts, the Mustang 27 also has a built-in water tank for wet grinding as well as a vacuum hose connection for dust control. No matter how you use this machine, the bottom line is if you need the toughest concrete grinder on the market, the Mustang 27 is the best option.


IDM sets itself apart from other concrete grinding machine manufacturers. We offer the products, services, and accessories your crew needs to get the job done treating concrete surfaces.

Book a demo today to see our commercial and industrial machines in action.



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