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The Best Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum for Your Cleaning Crew
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The Best Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum for Your Cleaning Crew - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

The Best Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum for Your Cleaning Crew

Did you know that 99% of U.S. adults say that poor cleanliness negatively impacts their opinion of a business?

Keeping flooring surfaces clean and hazard-free is one of the best ways to improve the public’s perception of your brand while ensuring the health and safety of customers and employees alike. However, many cleaning crews find floor cleaning equipment cumbersome, expensive, and inefficient. 

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) has developed a line of commercial-grade wet dry vacuums that can be used by building service contractors and other cleaning professionals to deliver a deep, comprehensive clean on commercial flooring surfaces.

These vacuums allow contractors to consolidate their floor cleaning equipment to save their crews valuable time and effort. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of switching to a commercial wet dry vacuum from IDM. Also, review the ways that cleaning crews can use the best commercial wet dry vacuum to maximize the quality of their cleaning. 


A wet dry vacuum cleaner is a type of floor cleaning equipment that can be used to vacuum dry debris and standing liquid from a flooring surface. The design of this machine makes our products a great solution for cleaning wet and dry messes on commercial floors.

Wet dry vacuums from IDM are an all-in-one solution for cleaning dust and debris, as well as water and other liquids, so cleaning crews don’t need to switch equipment halfway through a job. 

IDM has developed some of the most highly regarded wet dry shop vacs on the market by tailoring their models to the needs of building service contractors tasked with maintaining large commercial spaces. IDM offers two models of wet dry vacs that can help crews more effectively and efficiently clean commercial flooring surfaces.


This revolutionary wet dry vacuum from IDM is designed for maximum power and efficiency. The CHAMP23 features a front-mount squeegee and a 4-piece toolkit for added flexibility. This advanced shop vacuum can clean wet and dry contaminants off virtually any hard flooring surface in a commercial or industrial setting.

The CHAMP23 delivers a more robust clean than other shop vacs because of its sturdy construction and design. This vac uses a dual motor system to provide maximum suction power, even on heavy-duty messes, so that you can clean more effectively with less effort.

With a 23-gallon capacity and 30” cleaning range, the CHAMP23 makes quick work of big jobs, and its 25’ cord allows you to move more freely throughout job sites of all shapes and sizes.


The CHAMP20 is built from high-quality stainless steel and is designed to offer enhanced functionality for cleaning professionals. It features a 20-gallon capacity and a 4-piece floor nozzle toolkit that includes a dust brush, squeegee tool, scalloped bristle floor brush, and a crevice tool for detailed cleaning. 

This machine features a 50’ foot power cord, so crews can reach every nook and cranny of even the most daunting industrial space.

Furthermore, the CHAMP20 delivers a much higher capacity clean than the small-scale cordless shop vacs on the market, and its thoughtful design makes it easy to maneuver – even with the power cord.

The CHAMP20 runs on dual motors and features a cloth vacuum filter that is designed to keep each of its motors in great working order, so you don’t have to worry about your equipment failing you in the middle of an important job.


IDM’s CHAMP vacuums are more powerful and efficient than other similar vacuums on the market, thanks to their dual motors and multifunctionality. IDM’s wet dry vacuums are easy to clean, store, and maintain, so they can deliver peak levels of performance for years to come. 

Thanks to their multi-piece toolkits, IDM’s wet dry vacuums can be used to clean a variety of contaminants off a wide range of hard flooring surfaces, including: 

  • Ceramic Tile
  • LVT
  • Epoxy 
  • Polished Concrete
  • VCT

Thanks to their interchangeable cleaning attachments, IDM’s wet dry vacuums can help cleaning crews consolidate their equipment, so they no longer have to use different floor cleaners for each type of floor.

This all-in-one functionality saves contractors and their teams valuable time and effort, making it easier to focus on other parts of the cleaning process.


IDM’s wet dry vacuums are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial spaces. Some of the best places to put a wet dry vacuum into action are: 

  • Healthcare facilities 
  • Manufacturing plants
  • School buildings 
  • Corporate offices
  • Large retail spaces 
  • Airports and other travel hubs

These machines can be easily added to the cleaning process for high-traffic commercial or industrial facilities. They are designed to help crews achieve a thorough clean that can stand up to the scrutiny of employees, visitors, and local officials alike. 


Building service contractors looking to revitalize their cleaning arsenals need not look any further than IDM’s selection of advanced cleaning solutions.

Crews can combine high-power cleaning equipment from IDM to improve the overall quality of their clean while streamlining the cleaning process for their crew. Here are some of the other cleaning solutions offered by IDM. 


Sometimes, vacuuming alone isn’t enough to remove contaminants from a hard flooring surface. That’s where our floor scrubbers come in handy to support your cleaning needs.

IDM’s X-Scrub floor scrubbers distribute water onto a dirty surface and use a series of rotating scrub brushes to deliver a deep clean. The machine then vacuums the dirty water to prevent cross-contamination throughout the rest of the site.

Our floor scrubbers are cordless and ergonomically designed, so they can be easily used throughout a space to eliminate dust and dirt for a spot-free, top-to-bottom clean.


IDM also offers an assortment of concrete grinders and polishers to help building service contractors maintain, restore, and repair concrete flooring surfaces.

These machines use diamond-strong grinding heads to treat concrete floors in industrial spaces. They are designed to be easy to maneuver, thanks to their compact control panels, adjustable handlebars, and detachable head designs.


In addition to our line of wet dry vacuums, IDM offers a HEPA upright vacuum for enhanced industrial cleaning. IDM’s HEPA vacuum is designed for use on carpeted surfaces and uses a HEPA filter to filter 99.97% of all environmental contaminants 0.3 microns and larger. 

This HEPA vacuum can be used in public and commercial spaces like K-12 schools and universities. The machine requires minimal maintenance, and users only need to replace the bag and filter on occasion.


Each of IDM’s cleaning products is designed to offer maximum utility for users. Replacing outdated equipment like brooms and mops with a high-power wet dry vacuum is one of the best ways to achieve a more effective, stress-free clean.

IDM’s CHAMP vacuums are easy to run, store, and maintain, making them a long-term solution for cleaning crews of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a BSC tasked with maintaining a high-traffic industrial facility or a local cleaning crew looking to achieve a more hygienic clean in a school building or office space, IDM’s advanced cleaning solutions are ready to help. 

To learn more about IDM’s full selection of cleaning equipment, reach out today to speak with a member of our team. We would love to hear about the needs of your crew and share with you why IDM’s equipment is the top pick of building service contractors across the country.

If you’re interested in seeing our powerful vacuums in action, we can make that happen. We recommend reaching out to our team to let us know you’re interested in scheduling a demo. It’s time to see what makes each machine in our CHAMP series the best commercial wet dry vacuum for your team.



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