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Why BSCs Need These Concrete Grinder and Polisher Machines
IDM’s Mustang concrete grinder with a warehouse photo in the background.

Why BSCs Need These Concrete Grinder and Polisher Machines

Are you a Building Service Contractor (BSC) responsible for the upkeep of industrial areas? You’re no doubt familiar with various dilemmas of cleaning large concrete spaces full of machinery and heavy equipment.

Concrete floors are the top choice for many of these environments due to their durability and smoothness, but continuous use can take a toll on even the hardest of surfaces. That’s why we built an entire product line to help BSCs upkeep concrete surfaces.

The Mustang line of concrete grinder and polisher machines from Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) is here to help! This trio of workhorse machines can speed up your routine while also offering results that outstrip the competition.

Why Do You Need a Concrete Grinder and Polisher?

A concrete grinder and polisher should be a component of any BSC’s arsenal. These machines ensure that industrial spaces stay clean, safe, and ready for action – day in and day out.

Whether your team is working with concrete, terrazzo, or polishable stone floors, this machine can maintain the fit and finish of floors while extending their usable life.

Polish Concrete Floor Surfaces with Ease

It’s no secret that industrial areas get dirty during the course of the day. But cleaning professionals know that working with a good polisher can help to keep things neat and prevent accidents.

People, machinery, and objects need to move quickly and efficiently through many industrial spaces, and the addition of safety hazards not only slows things down but can also pose a serious risk to workers! Cleaning up scuffs, skids, spills, and slime makes the space look better and ensures everything runs smoothly for the next shift.

Cleaning and polishing concrete routinely helps to maintain the surfaces industrial employees rely on to support their operations.

Grind Away Impurities

When a polish isn’t enough, it’s time to break out the grinder! Patches, divots, additions, and environmental changes can result in an uneven work surface, which can lead to slips, trips, skids, and more messes.

Using a concrete grinder to smooth out rough patches or ready the area for a new coat of epoxy can ease the workload. This effort is a simple and effective way to make sure floors are ready to handle the heavy use required of them.

Where Is a Grinder/Polisher Most Effective?

A concrete grinder and polisher is most effective when cleaning the following types of facilities in various industrial settings.

Warehouse Facilities

Warehouse Facilities are in motion constantly. Whether dealing with heavy machinery, regular foot traffic, or forklifts, a number of factors can contribute to the accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime.

Keeping these spaces clean can be challenging. High traffic in a busy warehouse can make it difficult to spend the right amount of time maintaining work surfaces and supporting surface preparation for the next day’s workload.

By using a machine that can easily take care of any discrepancies and leave the floor looking and functioning like new, maintenance crews make sure their work contributes to the overall flow of the entire facility.

Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers (DCs) are at the center of a company and often need to handle a high volume of goods and materials day after day. The constant movement of pallets, carts, and machinery can leave behind scuffs and imperfections on concrete floors – whether they’re coated in epoxy or polished down to a sheen.

When epoxy chips or a new coat is needed, a concrete grinder can ready the surface for reapplication in no time.

Manufacturing Shops

Manufacturing shops are home to heavy machinery, industrial processes, and the regular use of chemicals, oils, and other substances that can stain or damage concrete floors.

A heavy-duty concrete floor grinder and polisher can remove stubborn stains or smooth out imperfections to ensure a safe and clean working environment. And if the floor is ready for refinishing? Look no further than a powerful grinder that can move in around extant fixtures.

Fabrication Facilities

Fabrication facilities pose a specific challenge to BSCs who need to make sure that they are spotless before each shift. Workers in these environments often deal with welding and other processes that can generate sparks, flying debris, and residues that aren’t easily wiped away.

Making sure embedded material and chemical residue are properly cleaned up is paramount in the quest for smooth operations. Polishing regularly and employing a grinder when things get rough is the right course of action.

Airport Hangars

Airport hangars need to adhere to a standard of cleanliness above many other areas due to the safety and maintenance requirements surrounding air travel and transport. They also need to support the weight of planes and auxiliary equipment that operate on strict timetables.

Cleaning up spills and scuffs is important in these instances, as is making sure every path is smooth and clear to prevent any safety risks.

Vehicle Manufacturing Plants

In vehicle manufacturing plants, a wide range of contaminants can accumulate on the concrete floors, including grease, oil, paint, and debris. BSCs need reliable machines to combat these challenges effectively.

Machines like the IDM Mustang line offer robust construction and advanced cleaning power to efficiently remove the toughest stains and imperfections. Not only will this leave the facility pristine, but it will also help to boost efficiency throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The Mustang Line from IDM

Discover the individual features and benefits of each of our three concrete grinders and polishers in the Mustang product line.

Mustang 22

The Mustang 22 is perfect for single operators who need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With its single-phase motor attached to three 9” counter-rotating heads, it can easily clear a 22-inch path in one pass.

Swapping out heads will allow you to switch from grinder to different levels of polishing depending on the need. Plus, the Mustang 22 has a poly water tank which makes it the most easily transportable of the three IDM offerings.

Mustang 27

With its switchable motor that can alternate between single and three-phase planetary grinding, the Mustang 27 is a diverse unit that is useful for confined or open spaces.

This machine can clear a 27-inch path with ease, and the floating dust shroud makes sure debris and particulates are kept under control. Also, it has a USB port for easy charging!

Mustang 20

This machine is perfect for concrete grinding and polishing on the regular in a number of industrial settings. It’s extremely operator-friendly due to its compact control panel and adjustable handlebar.

Even though the Mustang 20 is lightweight, it boasts the same high-quality trio of 9-inch heads that can be swapped out for polishing or grinding depending on the task at hand.

- Check out this video of the Mustang 20 in action!

Get in Touch to Schedule a Demo

Ready to schedule a demonstration of our powerful concrete grinder and polisher machines? Want to see how IDM can make your team’s cleaning routine easier and more effective? Get in touch with our team.

We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our machines. We’ll also run you through the different aspects of each of our grinders in the Mustang product line to help you identify the right unit for your needs!



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