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We Have a Machine to Scrub Tile Floors in Your Business
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We Have a Machine to Scrub Tile Floors in Your Business

If you have been searching for an efficient way to clean floors in your business, you know you have an overwhelming number of options. However, not all floor cleaner machines are created equal.

Low-end cleaners often just push dirty water around and leave your floors looking grimy. While higher-end tile cleaning machines can get the job done, they are often cost-prohibitive and too bulky.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone built a machine to scrub tile floors that offered the best of both worlds? At Intelligent Design Manufacturing, we thought the same thing, which is why we created the X-Scrub line of floor cleaning machines.

The X-Scrub line is the most complete selection of floor cleaner machines on the market. Our patented designs feature premium features at a competitive price point.

From deep cleaning grout to tackling tough, set-in stains, our scrubbers can do it all. Let’s dive deeper into how you can benefit from selecting one of our machines for your business.

Why You Need a Reliable Floor Cleaner Machine

The health and safety focus of the last few years has demonstrated the importance of keeping workspaces clean and sanitary. However, cleaning grout and tile the old-fashioned way is tedious and time-consuming.

By ditching the old mop and bucket for a modern floor scrubber, you can keep tile floors cleaner and enjoy the following benefits.

Limit the Spread of Viruses

For the most part, mops just push around dirty water. The same goes for low-quality floor cleaners. But with a top option like an X-Scrub floor scrubber, you can stop viruses in their tracks.

The entire IDM line features separate solution and collection tanks. As you guide the machine across your floors, it dispenses the perfect amount of cleaning solution. Then, the powerful scrubbing head agitates the solution and breaks up set-in dirt, loose debris, and grime. Finally, the vacuum collects any excess water and safely routes it to the collection tank.

Limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses with our cleaner is a great way to protect your staff and customers. In turn, this can lead to fewer worker absences and a better brand image for your business.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Tile

Tile is known for its longevity and durability. However, if you want to get the most out of your tile, you have to maintain it. That means getting rid of your antiquated cleaning equipment and upgrading to a better solution.

With a modern scrubber, you can clean grout lines and remove dirt and grime. You can quickly clean up messes before they stain or scratch your tile. The end result is a cleaner-looking tile that will last for decades.

Create a Safer Environment

When a tile surface is dirty or grimy, it can become slippery. Should someone fall due to neglectful cleaning processes, your business could be liable for any injuries. The last thing you want is to contribute to a slip and fall injury for your staff or a customer. That’s why you need to create a safe environment by thoroughly cleaning your tile floors.

Floor scrubbers are powerful enough to tackle the toughest messes. Solutions like the IDM X-Scrub line also vacuum up excess water. Its functionality helps reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, while expediting drying time.

Maintain Your Brand Image

Whether you know it or not, customers are observant about the cleanliness of your space. If they walk into an office with damaged tile floors, their perception of your brand could change.

You have worked for years to build a positive brand image. Don’t let dirty tile floors undermine all of your hard work.

Maintaining spotless tile floors demonstrates your commitment to cleanliness and sanitation. When they see how well you care for your facility, customers will form a more favorable perception of your business and the level of service you provide.

Save Time and Cut Costs

Every business owner knows that cleaning the floors is important. But so many still clean their floors using manual tools. While the equipment itself is cheaper than an auto floor scrubber, the long-term costs are huge:

  • You have to pay an entire team to clean your floors.
  • You are constantly replacing buckets, handles, and mop heads.
  • Cleaning supplies are wasted due to inconsistent practices.

An IDM floor scrubber accelerates the cleaning process, saving you time and labor costs. We compound your cost savings via our low-maintenance designs.

Our machines are easy to maintain, user-friendly, and reliable. Also, because our scrubbers use precisely the right amount of solution, you don’t waste water and cleaning supplies.

IDM’s X-Scrub Line: Select a Machine to Scrub Tile Floors

Ready to change the way you clean your tile floors? If so, it is time to upgrade your tile floor cleaner. No matter what type or size of business you manage, we have an option for you.

Our line of X-Scrub floor scrubbers includes the following powerful machines.

X-Scrub Mini

The X-Scrub Mini is IDM’s most compact and economical option. This machine features an 11″ cleaning path and a lightweight design. It is perfect for cleaning tight spaces or maneuvering around obstacles.

The X-Scrub Mini is often used to clean:

  • Bathrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Classrooms
  • Small office spaces

Like all of our machines, this compact floor scrubber is battery-powered. This feature ensures your team won’t have to contend with bulky power cords. Instead, they can unplug from the charger and get to work cleaning your tile.

X-Scrub Pro

Need a robust industrial option? The X-Scrub Pro is the right selection for your business. Built for heavy-duty applications, the Pro can clean just about any hard surface, including:

  • VCT
  • Epoxy
  • LVT
  • Polished concrete
  • Ceramic tile floors

The X-Scrub Pro features a pair of 8.5″ brushes, which create a 17″ cleaning path. It can accommodate several brush types, including a soft-bristled option to gently clean tile.

Despite being more robust than the X-Scrub Mini, the Pro also boasts a compact design. The Pro’s small footprint makes it easy to store and even easier to maneuver around your business.

X-Scrub Max 20

The X-Scrub Max 20 is a self-propelled, walk-behind floor scrubber. With a 20″ cleaning path, the X-Scrub Max 20 is our largest non-rideable scrubber. This machine is popular in larger facilities such as hospitals, warehouses, and airports.

The Max 20 boasts a pair of 15-gallon tanks. One tank holds fresh cleaning solution while the other safely collects any excess water to reduce drying time. The Max 20 has an innovative battery system that provides 4.5 hours of run time.

X-Scrub 20

At IDM, we are committed to meeting the floor cleaning needs of every business. With that in mind, we created the X-Scrub 20. This economical scrubber is nearly identical to the Max 20. However, by removing the traction drive feature, we were able to offer the X-Scrub 20 at a more competitive price point.

If you have a lot of surface area to clean but want an economical scrubber, the X-Scrub 20 is for you. It can clean a broad range of surfaces, including:

  • VCT
  • LVT
  • Concrete
  • Polished concrete
  • Epoxy
  • Porcelain tile
  • Ceramic tile

For a specific breakdown on the X-Scrub 20 vs. Max 20, connect with our team. We will gladly help you decide which option is right for your business.

X-Scrub Rider 28

There is a misconception that all ride-on tile scrubbers are big and bulky. Before IDM hit the scene, that was mostly true. However, we changed all that with our X-Scrub Rider 28, a micro ride-on floor scrubber.

Designed for medium-sized spaces, the X-Scrub Rider 28 has a 28″ cleaning path. It is compact enough to fit through standard 36″ doors. It can fit in elevators, navigate hallways, and maneuver through most rooms. It features a long battery life and is extremely user-friendly.

X-Scrub Rider 32

Our mid-sized ride-on scrubber, the X-Scrub Rider 32, has a 32″ cleaning path. It is ideal for commercial spaces and light industrial applications. This floor scrubber replaces your mop and can clean the following surfaces:

  • VCT
  • LVT
  • Concrete
  • Polished concrete
  • Epoxy
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile

The X-Scrub Rider 32 provides hours of use on a single charge. It features robust solution and capture tanks to maximize cleaning efficiency.

X-Scrub Rider 36

The X-Scrub Rider 36 is our largest scrubbing machine. With a three-foot-wide scrubbing path, it can efficiently clean the largest spaces. It is powerful enough for heavy commercial and industrial applications.

The X-Scrub Rider 36 is used in large K–12 schools, universities, airports, and manufacturing facilities. It has a pair of 54-gallon tanks and a 36-volt battery system. The X-Scrub Rider 36 also includes safety features like LED front headlights to maximize visibility and prevent accidents.

What Type of Floor Surface Can I Clean with the X-Scrub Line?

With an X-Scrub floor scrubber, you can clean virtually any hard floor, including:

  • Luxury vinyl planks
  • Tile
  • Concrete
  • Epoxy

If you invest in the X-Scrub Pro, you can also use this tile floor cleaning machine as a resurfacing tool. The Pro features multiple sets of brush heads, including abrasive resurfacing brushes, making this one of our most versatile machines.

Ready to Learn More? Schedule Your Demo Today

Intelligent Design Manufacturing can connect you with the ideal machine to scrub tile floors in your business. From the compact X-Scrub Mini to our robust ride-on options, we have a machine for any type of business environment.

Schedule your demo today to see the X-Scrub line in action.



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