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What Are the Options for Hospital Floor Cleaner Machines?
Nurses and doctors wait in a hospital hallway

What Are the Options for Hospital Floor Cleaner Machines?

Are you in charge of a team that needs to clean hospitals and medical facilities on a regular basis? Are the old ways of sanitizing floors not getting the job done anymore? Intelligent Design Manufacturing can help.

Our array of powerful, hospital-grade cleaning machines will help make short work of tough dirt and grime in your facility. They are specially constructed for use in a variety of spaces in hospital facilities.

Learn more about why you need a hospital floor cleaner and the different products offered by IDM. Find out how we can help your team take care of floor care in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Why Use a Hospital Floor Cleaner Machine?

The traditional mop and bucket cleaning approach is severely lacking. Here’s why we recommend moving away from a mop:

  • Difficult to cover a wide range of unique spaces.
  • Cannot reach the high level of cleaning power required in a hospital.
  • Takes longer to clean and dry.
  • Often spreads dirt and residue instead of picking up debris.
  • Highly inefficient when it comes to time management.
  • Not the easiest way to clean, placing stress on your cleaning crew.

A floor cleaning machine or autoscrubber can cut your cleaning crew’s time down significantly and leave you with better results. Consider the benefits of choosing a cleaning machine for your space.


It’s no secret that hospitals need to be sanitary and adhere to strict CDC rules for cleanliness. Not only are janitorial teams worried about getting rid of dust, dirt, and grime, but they must also be able to effectively disinfect floors where bacteria could grow and cause problems.

Using a powerful walk-behind or riding scrubber gets rid of these issues quickly in large areas, while a smaller personal unit can jump into tight spaces.


Cleaning up spills, buffing out floors, and getting rid of anything that could cause someone to slip and fall is a crucial part of the hospital cleaner’s daily schedule. A floor scrubber will take care of these problems.

Additionally, the unit will leave the flooring surface with a uniform clean that can stand up to a lot of foot traffic without becoming a safety hazard.


Hospitals are open around the clock. A certain amount of unpredictable activity is to be expected, so janitors need to clean as quickly and efficiently as possible when they see an opening.

Long drying times and laborious processes might get in the way of the facility’s functionality and cause delays in other sectors. An autoscrubber takes care of regular cleaning duties in a fraction of the time of more traditional methods and leaves the floors with a better clean ready for the day’s activity.

IDM Has Choices for Floor Cleaning Machines

IDM has a diverse range of floor scrubbers that are sure to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a smaller unit with enhanced maneuverability or a larger machine to take care of wide spaces, we’ve got you covered!

X-Scrub Floor Scrubbers

The X-Scrub line of cleaning machines boasts many great features that will allow your janitorial team to clean every floor in the hospital with unmatched effectiveness.

X-Scrub Mini & Pro

If you need a unit that is easy for anybody to operate in confined spaces, then the X-Scrub Mini and the X-Scrub Pro are just the ticket.

Both feature a swivel feature that allows for an incredible range of movement. These units are perfect for tight spaces like offices, hospital rooms, or anywhere cleaners need to maneuver around equipment and furniture.

X-Scrub Max 20

For teams that need a little more power and deal with large surface areas every day, the X-Scrub Max 20 is a perfect choice. Able to clean all manner of floors, including ceramic tile, LVT, VCT, epoxy, and polished concrete, this self-propelled walk-behind powerhouse is constructed especially for the types of floors one sees in a medical facility.

With its 20” head and a 15-gallon recovery tank, the X-Scrub Max 20 leaves your floors spotless in less time than the old mop and bucket. Its design allows for tight cornering, and the wide cleaning path ensures large areas are cleaned quickly.

Plus, with a 4.5-hour battery life, this cordless wonder can really up your cleaning crew’s game.

X-Scrub Rider Series

Looking for something even more robust? Does your team need to rest their feet while getting the job done? The IDM X-Scrub Rider line offers the same unmatched cleaning power as its other models with the added perk of being a ride-on machine!

With three models to choose from, these machines function perfectly in the long corridors and large lobbies of hospitals and medical facilities.

X-Scrub Rider 28

Bigger than a walk-behind scrubber but made to fit in medium-sized spaces, our X-Scrub Rider 28 micro rider is specially designed to fit through a standard door, making it perfect for cleaning long hallways. Plus, it can even fit on an elevator for easy transport!

X-Scrub Rider 32

With its dual 16-inch brushes, the X-Scrub Rider 32 machine can easily sweep and scrub large areas in a fraction of the time. Thoughtfully designed for enhanced usability, a multi-function knob and pictograms of the standard operations allow for multi-language use in any setting.

X-Scrub Rider 36

The largest of IDM’s rider scrubbers, our powerhouse X-Scrub Rider 36 boasts double the capacity of the X-Scrub Rider 32, so your team can spend more time cleaning and less time emptying tanks. Plus, its powerful battery and sturdy construction will keep it going for years to come.

Where Can You Use Our Floor Cleaning Machines?

We recognize that hospitals present a specific set of issues that must be addressed by the janitorial team. Using the correct hospital floor cleaner for each job is a major priority. Knowing the different spaces and their needs will help you choose the best unit for your team.

Lobbies and Waiting Rooms

Many large hospitals boast expansive lobbies and waiting rooms for patients and guests to meet, wait, or interact with staff and personnel. These are the spaces that people see the most, and making sure they’re spotless is the key to a good first impression.

When the first room a patient sees is scuffed or dirty, it makes them question the rest of the hospital and their ability to do their medical duties effectively. Keeping everything clean assures visitors that no detail is left to chance.


Often the site of much activity, the hallways of a hospital provide active thoroughfares for gurneys, stretchers, doctors, nurses, and patients as they go from one area to the next.

Keeping these arterials clear of spills, sticky spots, dirt, and grime, can cut down on the risk of cross-contamination, smooth out rides to and from procedures, and create a more inviting and accessible facility.

Patient Rooms

Besides large open spaces, hospitals are packed with smaller patient rooms full of delicate equipment that need an effective floor cleaning solution.

Weaving around tables, cords, and equipment in patient rooms requires a cleaning machine that is maneuverable and easy to use. Getting into the small spaces between beds, furniture, and other fixtures is necessary to ensure the most sanitary conditions.

We recommend the X-Scrub Pro and X-Scrub Pro to reach these challenging areas. Our floor scrubbers pack a lot of power into compact units, enabling cleaning crews to achieve an effective clean compared to other machines in their class.

Schedule a Demo of Our Hospital Floor Cleaning Machines

Interested in learning more about each hospital floor cleaner we offer? Would you like to see one of our machines in action? Get in touch with our helpful customer service team today.

We will be happy to set up a demonstration of any machine in the X-Scrub line and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to learning how we can support your hospital to create safer, cleaner spaces.



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