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How Does an Indoor Concrete Cleaning Machine Work?
The Mustang line of concrete grinders stand side by side in the IDM demo room.

How Does an Indoor Concrete Cleaning Machine Work?

Does your crew deal with cleaning concrete on a regular basis? It’s good to stay informed about the various options for an indoor concrete cleaning machine to help your crew get the job done day in and day out.

While tough and reliable, concrete floors need to be maintained regularly so that they maintain their integrity. Letting dirt, dust, or damage linger can result in more problems down the line.

Deal with cleaning issues today by harnessing the power of a dedicated autoscrubber or a concrete grinder and polisher. No matter the treatment option, Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) has a line of machines to suit your needs!

The Importance of Maintaining Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is the ideal surface in a variety of situations. Whether you’re looking for durability, strength, or something easy to clean and repair, this type of flooring has it all.

For example, warehouses and manufacturing sites rely on level expanses of concrete to provide workers with room to operate large machines and transport goods. Polished or coated in epoxy, concrete is extremely resilient and holds up to daily wear without much issue.

But what about when concrete meets its match? Accidents, debris, spills, and human error can all result in divots, stains, and cracks in your previously perfect floor. And what about when the epoxy needs replacing or low spots form in that level expanse? Time to call in high-powered machines.

Depending on the issue, a floor scrubber can often get your concrete back to its original state through scrubbing and washing. For more difficult repairs, a concrete grinder and polisher will make short work of rough patches and other damage.

Scrubbers and Grinders: A Winning Duo

How do you know which unit will be best for your team? Start by assessing what kind of tasks you’re most likely to do.

Knowing the strengths of each category of floor cleaning machine can help you choose the right piece of equipment for the job.


For daily maintenance, an automatic floor scrubber is the best choice. Using rotating brushes or pads, these efficient machines quickly get rid of dirt, stains, and grime to leave your floors refreshed.

Whether using a smaller hand-steered unit, a walk-behind cleaner, or a larger ride-on scrubber, these are easy to use and replace the old mop and bucket routine.

Depending on your needs, a specific size of machine may fit better into your crew’s workflow. However, no matter which model you choose, each unit operates in a similar manner.

1. Clean water is pumped out of the reservoir tank onto the area to be cleaned.

2. Quickly-rotating brushes or pads work the newly-wetted spot and pull up grime.

3. A vacuum behind the brushes takes up the wastewater and stores it in a different tank.

4. Lastly, a squeegee pushes any excess liquid along so that it can be sucked up as well.

5. Your concrete floor is left with minimal moisture that dries much more quickly than traditional methods.


When things need a little more work, a concrete grinder and polisher can make quick work of rough spots, ready surfaces for a new coat of epoxy, or level out uneven areas. Using a planetary grinder head, operators can quickly and effectively deal with offending areas.

A smaller unit is good for tight space, while a larger one can easily handle large warehouse floors. Because they’re made for regular use, single-user grinders are intuitively designed and easy to transport.

  • Three grinding heads spin in a planetary motion (independently and as a group) for increased power.
  • Concrete grinders can be used indoors thanks to a floating dust shroud that keeps particulate to a minimum.
  • Wet and dry grinding is possible thanks to an attached water tank.
  • Each head can be exchanged for a variety of components so both rough and fine grinding is possible in addition to polishing.

The IDM Collection of Floor Scrubbers and Concrete Grinders

If you’re in the market for a new scrubber or grinder, IDM offers several excellent options that are sure to become an integral part of your concrete cleaning routine.

Floor Scrubbers

The X-Scrub series is built with maneuverability and power in mind. Available in rotational units and larger walk-behind machines, each scrubber in the X-Scrub line boasts unmatched power, long-lasting batteries, and user-friendly controls that make it easy to fit into your cleaning arsenal.

The new X-Scrub Rider series has the same excellent cleaning capabilities as its cousins. We offer three larger ride-on machines for dealing with large expanses of concrete in warehouses and industrial settings.

Concrete Grinders and Polishers

The IDM Mustang line of concrete grinders and polisher machines are easy to operate and come in three sizes to fit your team’s workload. All include a floating dust shroud, adjustable weight and handlebar, and an operator-friendly control panel that makes deep-cleaning concrete easier than ever.

Contact Us to Discuss an Indoor Concrete Cleaning Machine

We know that keeping your concrete surfaces clean isn’t just about aesthetics.

  • Uneven or slippery floors can cause safety hazards that result in accidents.
  • Dirty floors can ruin products or wear down machines.
  • Dust and debris can contaminate the air.

There are many reasons to keep your concrete clean, so why not use a machine that will do the job right the first time? When looking for an indoor concrete cleaning machine for every job, turn to IDM.

Get in touch with our customer service team today to discuss our floor cleaning options. We will be more than happy to review our models and find the machine that best fits your needs.



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