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Who Can Use a Concrete Floor Cleaner Machine?
IDM’s Mustang Concrete Grinder.

Who Can Use a Concrete Floor Cleaner Machine?

When cleaning concrete surfaces, the proper machine can make all the difference for your business. We recommend a concrete floor cleaner machine that has the versatility to cover a wide variety of spaces and needs.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) prides itself on its powerful selection of machines that can deliver professional cleaning with usability and precision in mind. The question is, which types of businesses can truly benefit from using a floor cleaning machine? Let’s take a look at who can use one of these machines to get the job done.

Same Flooring, Different Spaces: The Value of a Concrete Floor Cleaner Machine for Your Business

Consider this list of industries where a concrete floor cleaner machine can transform your team’s cleaning routine.


In spaces such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and factories, custodial crews have to contend with a number of daily issues to maintain clean, sanitary, and safe spaces.

Large areas of concrete flooring need to be kept free from debris and spills. They also must be periodically ground down to deal with uneven spots or divots that could cause accidents.

Corporate Offices

Maintaining the utmost professionalism in corporate offices starts with clean surfaces, indicating to clients and employees that you care about your space. When dealing with concrete floors in office buildings, having a machine that can pivot around desks and conference tables is key.

Contending with the high foot traffic in common spaces is also important, and making sure that grime from breakrooms and outside doesn’t get tracked into client-facing rooms will do wonders for your office’s outward appearance.

Schools and Community Centers

Traditional mops can take hours to scrub large public spaces, and the results are not always ideal. Dealing with facilities that are used daily by large groups can be tricky to maintain, especially when those groups are made up of rowdy students tracking in dirt from recess!

Cut your crew’s cleaning time down significantly with a machine built for schools and community centers. Floor scrubbers can tackle hard-to-reach areas, and for more intense jobs, you can rely on a wet-dry vacuum or a concrete grinder and polisher.


In the world of retail, keeping display areas clean directly affects increased business and sales. Plus, making sure the backroom is well-organized and spotless helps speed up stocking, improves inventory management, and makes online order fulfillment a breeze.

Maneuvering around mannequins, shelf units, and displays can be tricky, and using a traditional mop or vacuum can sometimes leave residue or miss small spaces. Having a versatile cleaning unit that one person can easily operate is the key to success!


With the strict cleanliness policies and rigorous sanitation methods employed in the healthcare industry, it’s important to use the best equipment available for healthcare facilities.

Whether you’re cleaning offices, exam rooms, or the large open spaces of hospital corridors and building lobbies, being efficient is the number one concern. Things can change at a moment’s notice, so extended drying times or drawn-out processes are less than ideal.

Janitorial Services

Are you a contractor working in several different environments on a regular basis? You’ll need equipment that is easy to operate and transport with a small team. IDM prides itself on machines that are intuitive and easy to handle for janitorial crews.

For example, our X-Scrub line of floor scrubbers is perfect for one person, and even our robust concrete grinders in the Mustang line are constructed with maneuverability and flexibility in mind.

Cleaning Options from IDM

Take a look at our full line-up of floor cleaners, wet dry vacuums, and concrete grinders and polishers that thrive in commercial and industrial settings.

Floor Cleaners

  • X-Scrub Mini: This lightweight scrubber is perfect for hard-to-reach spots where you need a top-tier clean. The intelligent design ensures you can reach every tight spot in your space. Watch it work!
  • X-Scrub Pro: Our flagship X-Scrub unit, this dual-pad scrubber is easy to operate and delivers an unmatched clean in this form factor. It features interchangeable brushes for a variety of jobs and is ideal for large concrete areas and small spaces alike. See it in action!
  • X-Scrub Max 20: When larger areas are on the agenda, this unit fits the bill! Our top-of-the-line walk-behind autoscrubber puts down clean water and vacuums up grime in a single pass of its brush. Featuring a traction drive that helps to self-propel the unit across a variety of surfaces, this autoscrubber is ideal for the hard concrete surfaces present in settings such as warehouses and manufacturing. Learn more here!
  • X-Scrub 20: Like the X-Scrub Max 20, this offering can quickly take care of surface dirt and leave spotless floors in its wake. It boasts all of the same features, with the exception of traction drive, and is best suited to schools and commercial areas where maneuverability is key. Check out this video!
  • X-Scrub Rider 28: Designed for medium-sized spaces, this rider scrubber is perfect for long hallways in education facilities and industrial areas like warehouses. Plus, it can easily fit onto an elevator, making transport in multi-level buildings quick and easy. Watch it in action!
  • X-Scrub Rider 32: When you need a little more capacity to cover vast spaces in manufacturing areas and warehouses, this heavy duty machine fits the bill. Cordless and boasting dual 16-inch brushes, this X-Scrub Rider will make short work of daily cleanings and still have power left to spare. This video explains more!
  • X-Scrub Rider 36: Our largest and best-selling ride-on floor scrubber, the X-Scrub Rider 36 is built for commercial floor surfaces where the old mop and bucket routine simply cannot compete. When cleaning concrete, this battery-powered unit has twice the capacity of the X-Scrub Rider 32 so crews can spend more time cleaning and less time emptying and refilling tanks.

Wet-Dry Vacuums

  • CHAMP20WVC: Perfect for hard concrete surfaces in any area, this unit can quickly get rid of dust, liquid, or a mixture of the two! Use it to ensure your space is ready for action day in and day out.
  • CHAMP23DMFMS: With its standard front-mount squeegee attachment, this vacuum can quickly get rid of messes on concrete that could result in slips, falls, and other accidents. Easy to transport and operate, its functionality goes beyond what you’ll find in the big box stores.

Concrete Grinders and Polishers

  • Mustang 22: Looking for a portable solution for your concrete floors? This is the ticket! With a poly tank and adjustable weight that makes transport a cinch, the Mustang 22 and its interchangeable grinder pads can smooth and level your surfaces quickly and easily.
  • Mustang 27: Need a bit more power and a larger grinding head? Our flagship concrete diamond grinder is the most powerful unit on the market. It has a switchable single- and three-phase motor for ultimate control, and a bevy of options makes it easy to use and operate.
  • Mustang 20: With the same robust features as the other Mustang concrete grinders, this is the perfect unit for dealing with small spaces that can still benefit from wet and dry grinding.

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